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Health & Safety Policy

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At Diamond Adventures, our priority is the safety and well-being of all of the groups that partake in day trips and residential breaks through us. We have a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure schools, teachers and parents have confidence in our ability to provide a service with safety and security at the forefront of planning, organising and delivery.


All employees at Diamond Adventures undergo a thorough background check through the government’s Disclosure & Barring Service to guarantee the safety of our customers. Additionally, we verify that all coach drivers from our trusted operators have been DBS checked by their respective companies, providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe experience for all.

Provider Audits

Accommodation suppliers, activity providers, and restaurants undergo regular audits to guarantee that they meet the necessary standards of suitability and safety. Our audits may involve on-site inspections, insurance verifications, assessments of suitability, and evaluations of risk management protocols.

Preliminary Visits
All tours are available for the 2 representatives from the school to undertake a pre-visit, this enables schools to confirm the suitability of all providers on their trip, conduct valuable risk assessments and familiarise themselves with their destination.

Coach Operators
Coach travel in the UK is overseen by the Department for Transport. To obtain an Operator licence, one must demonstrate professional competence for national or international operations, maintain a good reputation, and have appropriate financial standing. The maintenance of vehicles is crucial, with the Traffic Commissioners closely scrutinising arrangements. Compliance with speed limits, vehicle insurance, and drivers’ hours rules is strictly enforced. The Driver and Vehicle Services Agency monitors compliance, and Diamond Adventures does not duplicate the efforts of UK regulatory bodies. UK drivers are required to undergo DBS checks.

Emergency Procedures

Diamond Adventures can be reached at any time of the day, either through the main office number or the mobile phone, when groups are on tour. As part of their Tour Pack, all Lead Teachers will receive instructions on how to get in touch with the on-call staff.

  • 24/7 Emergency call centre whilst on tour
  • Local emergency amenities included in tour pack to lead teacher
  • Accident/ Near-miss reporting. We encourage clients to report all incidents immediately to enable a quick and appropriate response.

Financial protection

Diamond Adventures Ltd ensures the protection of all funds received through various measures. Initially, we maintain appropriate Public Liability Insurance, in accordance with the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel, providing coverage of up to £10,000,000. Additionally, all payments made are securely deposited into a separate account, ensuring that they remain untouched until the completion of your trip. Furthermore, as a company, we have access to a dedicated emergency fund of £250,000, which is solely reserved for unforeseen financial circumstances and not utilised for regular business operations.